Monday, June 18, 2012

And so it begins

Today was our first official workday, and boy was it fantastic!  After 2 weeks of design work and a crash course in mural history, we finally got to get to work on the walls.  The two mural designs chosen were developed by Group A (aka Team Group), and Team Bonsai.  The plan for today was  to get grids on both walls and start part of one drawing.  Turns out our class is super awesome and not only completed the 2 grids but also the entire Bonsai drawing.  Woo.  I was really pleased with how well everyone came together and worked as a team, it was really exciting.  The drawing is pretty much ready to go!  We will be in the Art Building on the 1st floor from 12-4 Monday through Thursday for the next few weeks so feel free to stop by and check out what we're doing and ask us questions.  

Giovanni imparting some wisdom...

Getting things rolling

Working on the grid and taping the edges

More prep work
and still more prep work

Time to draw!

...and draw...

...and draw...

Pretty much done drawing

Just a little touch up here and there for tomorrow!

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